Atlanta Work Design Process.

Project Details

Our goal is to highlight areas of business opportunities within the 12 city council districts of Atlanta. By visualizing industry, education level, and commuting statistics, we are able to paint a picture of each district that portrays the most vital characteristics of the Atlanta workforce. In doing so, we will identify the relationship between business sectors and relevant components of the workforce.

How we work is so ingrained in who we are. Atlanta Work: an Exploration into the Data of the Atlanta Worker presents visualizations and data analysis for the City of Atlanta workforce. It strives to reveal areas of opportunity for new businesses, as well as significant relationships between datasets. While journeying through the different components provided, we conclude with a full analysis of who the Atlanta worker is, and how they can be a part of your new business initiatives. There is so much potential in Atlanta that it can be found everywhere. Here’s a hint on where to look!

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