About Me.

Hi, I'm Joshua

I'm studying Computational Media (specialized in Media and Interaction Design) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The CM program allows me to explore both art and technology, as well as concepts such as HCI, AI, and Digital Media.

I'm also a creator. It's really important to me that I am creating new things, and I enjoy working with a diverse team to bring innovative concepts to life.

In my off time I enjoy playing soccer, drawing comics, and spending time with family.

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Client Projects.

Here are a few projects I've done for commercial use. They are a combination of personal and client products. Click on the images for links to their sites of purchase. Closer viewing of these projects are avaliable upon request from recruiters.



Mystery/Absurdist Comic Book

Life in college is full of twists, turns, and homework. When four tenacious students (Ali, Jay, Axel, and Raine) go to see their professor, they find themselves falling through a doorway into a MAZE WORLD! Turns out a door isn't just a door. Who knew?

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Find A Penny

Illustrated Children's Book

From the writer Becky Whitmore, I illustrated a 34 Page childrens book for the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine. Find a Penny is a story of a young boy who encounters a veteran in need who ultimately finds a way to help.

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Georgia Tech Cable Network

My role at GTCN was to create graphic art and animations. My main projects include monthly web banners and video animations focusing on promoting on-campus sustainability. My supervisor and I meet to discuss the main creative approach of the network!

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Gram Nanas


When their children married each other, they thought they would only have to see each other on holidays and family gathers, but when two grandmothers become residents in the same retirement home, their personalities begin to really clash. In the process of learning to live and love each other, they shake things in the most hilarious of ways.

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Sleep Karate


Tired from playing video games all last night, a boy unlocks dormant skills while unconscious during a very important karate match.

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Coat Tails


Zane and Malcom have lived on the road ever sense the world ended. Everyone they've ever loved is either dead, or undead. But, they might know how to make things better, if they are able to handle taking a ride back to their past.

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UX/Technical Design.



Voice Assistant Project

Designed a voice assistant for the future of college campuses. This required us to conducted multiple stages of user research and usability testing to better understand the design space. This resulted in us exploring the nature of “studying”, because me and my design team viewed it as an essential element of college life, and a space that has the potential for substantial growth through the combination of voice interaction and education technology.

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Atlanta Work

Information Visualization

The objective of this project was to highlight areas of business opportunities with Atlanta's 12 city council districts. By visualizing industry, educational level, and commuting statistics, we were able to paint a pictures of the Atlanta workforce, and their relationship with releavant business sectors.

This is an info visualization project that uses data collected from the Fulton County GIS Portal.

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Interactive Game

As a kid, playing in your treehouse in the backyard is loads of fun. So much fun, in fact, that it can be hard to leave that fun and imaginative place that you have created. But, you need to go home! Mom is calling and it is time for dinner.

This is an interactive game that investigated how virtual cameras work compared to traditional cinematic approaches and the spatiality of 3D virtual worlds.

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Visual Design.


Face Collages

Principles fo Visual Design

I was tasked to create faces consisting of a collage of photos from a community based in Atlanta. I chose to represent the fan community of the soccer team Atlanta United.

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Georgia Tech Campus Life

Using information of Georgia Tech's website, I created a infographic visualizing the information, while also following Georgia Tech's communication design standards.

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Organizational Branding

Inspired by Lays' potato chips, I created a product and organizational branding strategy. I create a logo and brand idenity system for my product Tato, and final promotional images.

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Breakfast Redesign

Froot Loops

Redesigned the packaging of Froot Loops breakfast cereal with a new design approach.

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Book Redesign

Magnus Chase

Redesigned a book of my choice with clear design and information heirarchy.

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Who is Atlanta?

John C. Portman Jr. Chapter

Designed a chapter from a book focusing on key architect within Atlanta's history.

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Graphic Artist/Animator Intern | Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Tech Cable Network | June 2018 - Present

Use Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects) to create graphics and animations for web and cable platforms.

Children's Book Illustrator | Atlanta, Georgia

Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine | September 2019 - December 2019

- Created character designs and turn arounds.
- Designed and formated a children's book for a non-profit organization.
- Created design for character promotional cardboard cutout.

Student Assistant | Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Tech: Electrical Engineering Department (Accounting Team) | August 2017 - April 2018

- Worked with academic faculty and 7 adminstrative staff to complete daily office/event related tasks.
- Assisted professors and faculty in weekly conferences.

Quality Assurance/Manufacturing Co-op | Atlanta, Georgia

Nisshinbo Automotive Manufacturing | August 2015 - April 2016

- Worked on team with Latter Process ,Supply Chain, and QA Engineers to test fiction material, durability, process-flow diagram, and dimension analysis.
- Ran daily quality and safety checks on latter process machines, and process documents for process material and dimension changes.


Georgia Institute of Technology | Atlanta, Georgia

Computational Media (Industrial Design Minor) | Present

"The Bachelor of Science in Computational Media is a collaborative effort by the College of Computing and the School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC). The program offers a thorough education in all aspects of the computer as a medium: the technical, the historical-critical, and the applied. Program graduates will have both significant hands-on and theoretical knowledge of computing and an understanding of visual design and the history of media. Graduates will be uniquely positioned to plan, create, and critique new digital media forms for entertainment, education, and business communication."

"Depending on their coursework within the BS program, students will also be qualified to enter graduate studies in computer science, digital arts, digital media studies, and human-computer interface."



- Storyboarding
- Drawing/Illustration
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe XD
- Java



Vertically-Integrated Projects

The goal of this VIP group is to produce novel, creative media about recent scientific discoveries and engineering innovations. These include but are not limited to: interactive museum-style exhibitions, online articles and videos, and festival exhibits. Specifically, the team will create one exhibit or demo per semester, and each team member will publish bi-weekly in the online science magazine Charged.

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